The Italian surname Capasso is considered of patronymic origin.  
Surnames classified as patronymics are those which derive their 
origin from the personal name of the father of the original bearer. 
For example, Capasso literally means the son of Capasso. The surname 
Capasso is derived from the Italian word "Capa", meaning "head", 
"chief" or "leader".  In turn, the Italian word "capa" derives 
from the Latin word "Caput" which also means head.
The surname Capasso can also be considered to be of "nickname" 
origin.  These names derive from a physical characteristic or personal 
attribute of the first bearer.  It is possible then, that the original 
bearer of the name exhibited such leadership capabilities that 
warranted the nickname "capasso" or "good leader".  According to  
historical records, the Italian surname Capasso finds its origin 
in the regions of Lucania (today Basilicata) and Naples.  
The family name Capasso is also associated with the nobility of  
Naples, bearers of this name being listed as nobles of this province.
Records also indicate that the above mentioned Capasso family  
of Naples actually hailed from france but settled Portanova, Naples, 
becoming part of the established aristocracy.  The family also  
settled in Beneventa and became part of its mobility where they held the 
lordships of Casteveccio, Santangelo, Cupola, St. Maria a Toro, Poppano  
and Pastene (1648). Giovanni and Roberta Capasso were both created  
knights by King Carlo I in 1271.  Luigi Capasso was related to King 
Federico of Argan and acted as ambassador to various Italian  
principalities.  Annibale Capasso was a doctor in law.