Coat of Arms Description

Name: Capasso
Record: 47536

Naples and Benevento, Italy; originally from France, Jean and Robert
settled in Naples in 1266 while serving as knights under Charles of Anjou
against Manfred of Hohenstaufen, King of Naples, and created Lord of Portanova
by Charles, same year. Later settled in Benevento where the family also had
noble status, holding the lordships of Castelvecchio, Santangelo to Cupolo,
Santa Maria to Toro, Poppano, and in 1648, the county of Pastene, which
later became a marquisate. Luigi Capasso served King Ferdinand of Aragon as
ambassador to several Italian princes.

Arms: Azure, a saltire or between four lions' heads of the last, langued
gules, those in the flanks respectant.

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